RFID card

RFID card or smart card is a chip card. It is a small plastic card with an embedded chip. It connects with security device that requires identity verification for authenticity of cardholder. Buy Best Quality Access cards from Cardbuy.

RFID card
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What is RF ID Card or a Smart Access Tag Card?

RFID card is a passive technology without an internal power source. The RFID card powered by the electromagnetic energy received from RFID reader.

Different Types of RFID card Based on Frequencies?

TK 4100
Low Frequency at 125KHz RFID card
  • High Frequency at 13.56MHz RFID card, it has reading distance of up to 10cm.
  • Ultra-High Frequency at 860-960MHz RFID card, it has reading distance of 1-20 meters.
  • Combination of two or even three different frequencies into a single RFID Card.